Venom Strike Golf Cart – Chameleon Purple & Green


6 seater – Chameleon Purple & Green w/ LED party & stereo package


What is a Chameleon you ask? Well, this high-end cart looks blue at first glance but as you speed on by your neighbor’s plain-boring golfcart they will notice purple streaks and sparkles!

This cart comes with all the bells and whistles you never even knew you needed! Wireless cell phone charger (why? why not!), umbrella holder and branded umbrella, LED light and subwoofer party package. Upgraded front suspension, lifted cart with 14-inch rims, brand name lithium battery, tinted DOT windshield, hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes, 10-inch apple car play, DOT seat belts, rear view mirrors with led turn signals, stylish running boards, rear under seat storage, emergency toolkit, carbon fiber package, back up camera, adjustable headrests, branded umbrella, wireless cell phone charge and more

Street Legal Package available!

Golf bag attachment available!

Upgraded wheels, tires or rims available!

Ask us about financing!

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