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Special Financing Offers

Special financing available! Get behind the wheel of your perfect golf cart with easy monthly payments.

Transparent Pricing

Shop with confidence and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from our upfront and transparent pricing.

Authorized Venom EV Dealer

Enjoy the luxury and performance of a Venom EV, each model comes standard with top of the line features

Explore the benefits and discover the perfect electric golf cart for you!

Our carts are fully loaded and come standard with unmatched features such as:

  • Dual chamber wishbone suspension
  • Uniquely coded vehicle keys
  • High & Low beam options with daytime running lights
  • 10” digital touchscreen display
  • Apple and Android Bluetooth connectivity
  • Back-up camera
  • Wireless cell phone charging station
  • Voice activated party light package
  • And a kicking subwoofer sound system!

Looking for a special touch to make your cart uniquely yours? We also offer:

  • 16 cart color options
  • Black, White, Tan and color matched stitching
  • A wide selection of rim options
  • Steering wheel upgrades
  • Personalized floor mat options
  • And more!

The Adventure EV Lifestyle

Adventure isn’t just for the weekends, make every day extraordinary with an electric golf cart from Adventure EV. From spontaneous outings to planned excursions, every day is more fun with a golf cart!


Who is Adventure EV?

We are a locally family owned and operated business located in Orlando Florida. We care about the community we live, work and play in and pride ourselves in treating all of our customers as the valued neighbors they are.

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Reviews About Adventure EV Electric Golf Cart

David Keithley
David Keithley
Robert was awesome. He drove to the Villages from Orlando to switch our tires. He arrived right on time. He had our Venom returned the same day. Very professional and great ty o work with!!! 5 Stars for Robert. Thanks in advance ~ David Keithley
Daniel Gay
Daniel Gay
Adventure EV is fantastic! Robert’s customer service is top-notch, always going the extra mile to help. The 6-seater golf cart we bought is loaded with great features like a touchscreen media/navigation screen, cool sound system with subwoofer and comfy, edge lit seats. I waited until I had over 500 miles on the cart to write this review, and it’s been everything our family had hoped for! If you’re looking for a great golf cart and AMAZING service, check out Adventure EV! Thank you, Robert, for a great experience, we’ll continue to tell everyone that asks about our beautiful Golf Cart what brand it is but more importantly that they should purchase from you and your business!
Charles Heinen
Charles Heinen
Robert is great. He arranged to show us carts at our convenience, explained all the features in detail, didn’t put any pressure on us to buy, and was always responsive to any follow up questions. He delivered our cart and the service after purchase for some small warranty items was outstanding. He 100% cares about your experience and will do anything to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. If you’re in the market for a great loaded golf cart, I highly recommend Robert at Adventure EV.
Julie Langlois
Julie Langlois
What a wonderful experience! We purchased a golf cart over the phone and Robert personally delivered it to us in SC in just a few days. Rob went over all the features in person which we really appreciated. Such a great company - responsive and trustworthy. Top notch! Highly recommend.
Ryan Mohler
Ryan Mohler
Great family owned business!! Robert was very knowledgeable and followed through every step of the way.
Hector Sanchez
Hector Sanchez
These guys were amazing. Made the process of buying super easy. They went out of their way to deliver it to us at night!! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to purchase.
Joan Fequiere
Joan Fequiere
Max Biggar
Max Biggar
Adventure EV was amazing! Rob took his time going through all the cool features and options available. We upgraded our cart from a 4 seater to 6 seater and it is amazing. We were also able to get the speaker and LED package with custom chameleon purple/white color. They have been so great following up after our purchase on answering any questions. No regrets!
April Arendell Morell
April Arendell Morell
Robert is wonderful to deal with! The Venom golf carts are awesome.
Pattie Hall
Pattie Hall
Purchasing our 6-seater venom golf cart was definitely a lifestyle choice for us! We love carting around our community and the design and technology of the Venom cart gives us way more distance and safety (what’s up seatbelts!!!) for our growing family (yikes 4 kids under 4!). Adventure EV is an AMAZING dealer who paired us with the right cart for our family and lifestyle. Where we live is fairly rural so we definitely experience some adventure on our rides but there is also a handful of commerce popping up nearby that are fun destination spots when we need a coffee, snack or grocery run. Paulette and Rob are also the BEST. Not just as contacts at the business but as owners who meaningfully care about personalizing the experience beyond matching you up with a golf cart. They are always available for questions, answering the phone and even personally delivered our cart to our home! Post-purchase this did not stop either and we know they are still around to stand behind the quality and experience. Thank you for an amazing and a luxury golf cart that takes us far. We couldn’t be happier!!! 5 stars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not currently accept golf cart trade-ins as we believe you will yield a higher return on your trade by attempting to sell it yourself. We recommend Facebook Marketplace and are happy to suggest some forums, just give us a call!

We do not currently offer our carts for rental, but the future is full of many possibilities!

Adventure EV has the right cart for you, most of our inventory is made up of carts with fun color options, upgraded features and accessories but we do also carry two and four passenger course carts. And just because a cart is a course cart, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and full of adventure! We suggest you contact your local golf course and ask for their specific requirements in order to approve your personal cart for their greens, then give us a call and see what fun options and styles we can put together for you!

Golf carts as we know them today fall into two separate categories (and Adventure EV carries both).

The first category are traditional golf course carts or “course carts”, these are two passenger carts that are light enough to drive on the course greens and meet certain specifications set by golf courses to not disrupt the speed of play or to tear up their turf.

The second category of carts are “recreational” or “low speed vehicles”, these carts function more like a buggy and are intended to transport passengers from location to location in a fun and adventurous manner. More of a “the journey is the adventure, not the destination” sort of lifestyle. Grocery stores, coffee runs, school pick up, getting mail or just driving around the neighborhood are all way more fun on a golf cart!

Adventure EV is a family owned and operated dealership in Orlando Fl and we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. If something is amiss with your recent purchase, give us a call and we will arrange to make it right! We believe in straightforward and transparent pricing, we don’t appreciate hidden fees ourselves, so we don’t include them with our customers. Even better, delivery is free within a 30-mile radius. We want our customers to feel like a meaningful part of our EV community, a community that we would want to be a part of ourselves.

The main difference between gas and electric powered golf carts is that electric models do not require gas or oil and are much more energy efficient, making electric powered golf carts a lower maintenance option.

Golf Carts: are primarily designed for use on golf courses and private property, they typically have a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour (MPH). Golf carts usually do not come equipped with headlights, brake lights, or turn signals.

LSVs (Low-Speed Vehicles): are required to adhere to Federal Laws and Regulations regarding performance and safety standards. LSVs can reach speeds of up to 25 MPH, legally faster than golf carts and include improved brake performance, seat belts, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and reflectors. LSVs are equipped with Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) and can travel on roads that are not typically accessible by golf carts, they are suitable for neighborhoods, hotel grounds, and communities for transporting people and goods.

NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles): share similarities with LSVs, they also have a speed of 25 MPH or more and come equipped with additional features like headlights, mirrors, seat belts, and a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), they are street-legal, can be used on public roads, come outfitted with fun designs/features/options and are ideal for neighborhood transportation.

Lead acid batteries use chemical reactions between plates and acid to generate power. Lead acid batteries do cost less upfront but have shorter lifespans and need to be replaced once every few years, some carts require up to 6 batteries. Led Acid batteries also require routine maintenance like checking water levels and cleaning to function.

AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries have a longer lifespan than lead acid batteries plus they are sealed so you do not have to plan for the same level of routine battery maintenance. However, AGM batteries are not as tolerant when it comes to deep discharges or overcharging which both can cause losses to overall charging capabilities and permanent damage to your cart’s batteries.

Lithium batteries are our choice at Adventure EV because you can travel further on a single charge, they are quick charging, resistance to overcharging, low to zero maintenance, and can last upwards of ten to twenty years with proper care, making them a cost effective and environmentally friendly option! Another great win is that our batteries come with a 5-year warranty!

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